EDTF 300 Section 02 Teams


PSU Athletics Dept.

Team Project (as part of the class assignments)

Bryce Weaver
Lesson Plan: PSU Football
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/bweaver
Grace Novacek
Lesson Plan: Volleyball
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/gnovacek
Ian Smith
Lesson Plan: Baseball
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ismith3
James Mattern
Lesson Plan: Foundamentals of Basketball
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jmatter2
Sean Graham
Lesson Plan: Soccer
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/sgraham
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Atlantic Coast Conference


Aaron Westlake
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/awestlak
Evan Kolb
Lesson Plan: ACC and the background
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ekolb
Frederick Wages
Lesson Plan: The ACC and its Affiliates
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/fwages
James Gallagher
Lesson Plan: North Carolina Basketball History
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jgallag4
Joshua Germello
Lesson Plan: Fundamentals of football
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jgermell


Philadelphia Phillies


Andrew Augustine
Lesson Plan: Minor league teams
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/aaugusti
Christopher O'Malley
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/comalley
Colette Young
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/cyoung7
Rebecca Kubovcsak
Lesson Plan: Philadelphia Philies Facilities
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/rkubovcs
Ryan Overmiller
Lesson Plan: Philadelphia Phillies Team
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/rovermil


Philadelphia Eagles


Martin Sommers
Lesson Plan: Football Drills
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/msommers
Matthew Mazur
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/mmazur
Nicholas Long
Lesson Plan: Quarter Back
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/nlong
Robert Smith
Lesson Plan: Defensive Back Drills
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/rsmith5


USA Tracks & Fields


Aaron Frederick
Lesson Plan: Track and Field
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/afreder2
Alan Hartman
Lesson Plan: Baseball
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ahartma2s
Tyseane Whitt
Lesson Plan: 300 Meter Hurdles
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/twhitt