EDTF 300 Section 01 Teams


Group Homes


Brittney Gallen
Lesson Plan: Social Skills
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/bgallen
Dana Kibler
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/dkibler
Diana Synoski
Lesson Plan: Personal Hygiene
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/dsynoski
Sarah Peters
Lesson Plan: Going shopping
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/speters
Spencer Conklin
Lesson Plan: Money Management
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/sconkli2
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Kansas City Chiefs


Corey Porta
Lesson Plan: Tackling
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/cporta
Douglas Denequolo
Lesson Plan: Kicking and Punting
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ddenequo
George Zimmermann
Lesson Plan: Throwing
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/gzimmerm
Josh Gainer
Lesson Plan: Receiving
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jgainer
Ryan Feerrar
Lesson Plan: Blocking in Football
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/rfeerrar


LHUP Volleyball


Corey Fassett
Lesson Plan: Setting
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/cfassett
Gina Lurry
Lesson Plan: Serving
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/glurry
Haley Gribler
Lesson Plan: Hitters
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/hgribler
Monica Brown
Lesson Plan: Passing and defense
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/mbrown4


Nassau Punishers


Jeffrey Townsend
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jtownsen
Jessica Way
Lesson Plan: Sport Injuries
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jway2
Kristofer Pfitzenmeyer
Lesson Plan: Tackling in Football
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kpfitzen
Nikkien Fauntleroy
Lesson Plan: Passing
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/nfauntle


New York Mets


Brian Magee
Lesson Plan: NY Mets
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/bmagee
Garrett Brought
Lesson Plan: Baseball Player field positions
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/gbrought
Jeffrey Lesko
Lesson Plan: Baseball Uniforms and Equipment
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jlesko
Kelli Buchan
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kbuchan
Kristen Keys
Lesson Plan: Players in NY Mets
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kkeys